La Luz Beach and the Environment

Went to La Luz Beach at San Juan, Batangas yesterday.

Here are some thoughts:

There are some plastic sachets and packaging material floating around the beach. It’s either Filipinos still lack environmental awareness or any human activity near the coastline should be considered hazardous to nature.

Its annoying to see trash in the beach. Matthew and I spent a few minutes picking up plastic what-nots floating around. Despite La Luz having a no-plastic policy, stuff still find their way into the great blue ocean.

Majority of the beaches are privately owned. Good money is needed to access well-maintained beaches.

Its sad to see the original inhabitants of the land get displaced by landowners. Its also saddening that they can’t enjoy the sea. I would sort of understand this if it meant environmental protection (thinking of the Pasig River and the slew of riverside settlements).

Some beaches should be turned into national parks, maintained by the government, and enjoyed by the public.

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