Hang Seng Bank Website redesign

This is an exercise taken from the book Don’t Make Me Think, Chapter 6 : Street Signs and Breadcrumbs by Steve Krug.

Here, I examined the Hang Seng Bank website and took it through Steve Krug’s acid test for web navigation.

Original Site (link)


Parts Identification


What’s wrong with this?

The global navigation doesn’t emphasize which section is on mouse over.

“You are here” indicator is a highlight in the global navigation (in this example, “Personal”), but doesn’t determine the specific subsection where the user is.

User login is a complicated two-step process with the user required to click Logon first before being able to input username and password to actually login.

My Version of the Site


What I did

Fixed the global navigation to highlight mouse overs.

Added the page name, “Private Banking” with the necessary breadcrumbs to help users determine where they are.

Labeled the local navigation to emphasize these were services under the current page.

Removed one step from the login process by having the form ready to be filled up in the page.

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