Tone and Voice list

Freelancing at a start-up right now. I miss the feeling of everyone in the team being passionately involved in the product.

Again, I’m obsessively writing and re-writing micro-copy for the app, and I love it. Too bad I can’t do the Chinese version.

Here’s a list of Tone and Voice style guides that I picked up in the internet:

  1. Mail Chimp:
  2. Duolingo:
  3. The Economist:
  4. Slack:
  5. Design thinking exercise in finding your product’s voice:

Review: Flinto vs Adobe XD, Invision, Origami

Just discovered Flinto for prototyping interactions that integrates well with Sketch.
And so far I think this is the best one for doing a whole app experience, or just going down to detailed interactions.


Adobe XD, Invision, and Flinto are great tools for when you want to show how screens are related to one another.
Origami and Flinto are great for how mobile components interact.

– It integrates super well with Sketch — I can export artboards from Sketch to Flinto and it will appear the same except when I have Nested Symbols.
– No shareable link, but has an app and can record screens.
– Great for web and even better for mobile.
– US$99 per license

versus Adobe XD —
– Flinto has the same drag & drop linking as XD, but Flinto allows you to draw a hotspot around components, while XD does not.
– XD is easier for sharing via its Shareable Link.
– XD is great if you create your prototype in XD, but if you use Sketch more, I think Flinto has more value.
– Adobe XD is great for web and mobile.
– Has shareable link, and an app.
– HK$388/month.

versus Invision —
– The Craft plugin Sync function is buggy, not so seamless integration to Sketch.
– Invision’s Build Mode is same to Flinto’s draw link, but Invision is limited and slow as a web app.
– That said, Invision has Comment Mode and is better for sharing prototypes and collaborating and getting comments screen by screen.
– Invision is good for web and mobile.
– Shareable link!
– US$22/mo.

versus Origami —
– Origami is great for doing very flexible animation, eg when you scroll the font size becomes smaller.
– It feels almost like doing code.
– It’s not good for prototyping a whole app experience.
– Flinto does have Scroll groups like Origami does so you can do horizontal scrolling.
– Origami is great for mobile interactions/gestures.
– No shareable link, but an app and screen recording.
– FREE!!


One of my resolutions this year is to write about and commentate on an interest piece I’ve read at least once a week.

I’m trying to follow an article I read before that to become better at something, or to at least write 100,000 words a year, I must do it consistently in smaller bites. Make it a routine and I would never notice how much work it actually is. Make it a routine and I will accomplish much, much more than just writing down anything in one sitting.

So here I am.

I want to be a better writer, practice my critical thinking skills, and develop a voice on matters. This is also my way of studying and making myself grow without the help of homework nor school.

First off, a bit of reaction on Dan Brown’s Inferno, my first book of the year. And then let’s see how that goes.

Next book on my plate: Day of Empire by Amy Chua.